Legal Terms

Terms and Conditions

  1. By means of putting in your order via InstagDM, you’ll necessarily be agreeing to the following Terms, therefore you firstly ought to carefully read these prior to putting in your order. Should you not want to agree to all these Terms, please do not use our services.
  2. You acknowledge that when you buy our services, you are plainly understanding as well as agreeing you won’t file any kind of dishonest dispute through the utilized payment processor. Any effort to chargeback could end up getting you banned from utilizing our services one day.
  3. Any payments completed via a PayPal account that is either stolen or not verified will cause us to terminate our services and would lead to getting banned from utilizing our services one day.
  4. We’ve got a rigorous policy against scams, as well as total rights to not allow you to order should you have an illegal or fake Instagram account or unlawful activities or else the  account or its content does not conform to the terms of service for either Facebook or Instagram along with not obeying the Community Guidelines.
  5. We have a right to not allow you to use any of InstagDM’s Service(s) for any cause during any timeframe.
  6. InstagDM’s fees are subject to being changed during any timeframe with no notice at all.
  7. We cannot promise there will be continued or unbroken periods of our services.
  8. We won’t be responsible if you end up with any sort of damages to yourself, your company, your associates, your Instagram account, or your customers. You ought to comprehend that because of the type of services InstagDM provides, it might be denoted as ‘mass spam notices’ – so remember that the folks you ask us to send messages to after we approval your order might not enjoy this and could report your account, possibly post negative remarks, or other incidents. If you don’t want to chance that, please do not utilize our services.
  9. InstagDM is not liable in any fashion if your account is blocked, penalized or suspended, etc.
  10. InstagDM will just be utilized to publicize your profile link on Instagram profile link, as well as your handle on Instagram or the content posted there. No external links permitted.
  11. InstagDM may pause, then restart our services/orders whenever they want. If any issues are encountered with an order, i.e. we can’t transmit a message in full or in part, we’ll provide timely updates on the issue.
  12. InstagDM’s services are just for the Instagram pages that are public so be certain to make your account available publicly prior to putting in your order until services are completely rendered.
  13. We greatly recommend you avoid utilizing any additional growth or automation services whilst your order is being processed. We greatly suggest you avoid buying bogus or bot followers as well as you shouldn’t buy any type of engagement such as comments or likes prior to, ongoing or after our service if you wish to get top results.
  14. The anticipated amount of likes, followers, sales or comments aren’t promised at any time.
  15. InstagDM reserves our rights to change your targeted sources (i.e. alter, use a different source, etc) along with message templates (alter, utilize other words, take out unnecessary words/characters/character, symbols, etc) if we believe it does not follow Instagram’s service terms or/and we believe it could affect the value of our service.
  16. InstagDM reserves our right to alter, postpone or remove all or any component of our services or content whenever we choose without giving notice as well as without sustaining any sort of liability.
  17. InstagDM isn’t linked to either Instagram or Facebook as well as not to any of Instagram’s 3rd party associates at all.
  18. InstagDM isn’t liable for some of or any actions you perform via utilizing Instagram. Suitability or legal standing of any of your account posts are only your own responsibility.
  19. InstagDM reserves our right to alter our service terms with no notice at any time desired. It’s your own responsibility to verify if our service terms changed or not.
  1. We don’t make refunds after an order get approved.  We cannot suspend or stop a service whilst your order is in the process of being executed. Additionally, we cannot alter a message’s wording, filters or target sources after the order gets approved or it is in the stages of processing or sending.
  2. We’ll provide a part or full refund if your order cannot be delivered in part or completely.  
  3. If we cannot begin the order inside of seven business days after you have paid for it, a complete refund can be requested.

Privacy Policy

InstagDM (“we”) are dedicated to safeguarding as well as respecting our client’s personal info as well as their privacy. Our privacy policy defines the way personal info is collected, stored and used via our website at [] (“Website”). Our privacy policy additionally explains customer rights regarding the personal info that we retain about our customers. Please make certain you carefully read our privacy policy carefully so you will be familiar with our practices in regard to your personal info and the way we are going to use it.

Via presenting your details using the Website/Form as well as or utilizing any services we might provide for you; you’re then acceding to our policy and have to read all of the content. Via doing this, you’re acknowledging and agreeing to our practices depicted in our privacy policy. You have to provide us all your details if you wish to utilize our services and are not permitted to do so until you have done so. If there are any questions regarding our privacy policy or the way we assemble, make use of or store clients’ personal info, you may get in touch with us through our email at [email protected]

What personal info do we collect?

You can provide this information to us on yourself as well as the necessary info to handle your order, via utilizing the cyber- forms supplied on our Website or via contacting us through the telephone, your e-mail, etc. We can assemble and then process any of these subsequent pieces of info on you:

(a) Name or the companys or agency’s name;

(b) Company’s address;

(c) Phone number, social media links and contacts and email address;

(d) IP Address;

(e) Debit or credit card info (managed and amassed through Stripe Inc.);

(f) Target sources (necessary for managing your order);

(g) Requested filters (needed for managing your order);

(h) Instagram post or profile links or any of the downloadable links to your marketing visuals (needed for handling your order);
(i) Message wording (needed for handling your order);

(j) E-mail login and your password (necessary for linking an automated notice procedure for white-label solutions for resellers as well as agencies);

(g) PayPal email address (needed for pay-outs if you submitted an application to use our affiliation programs).

How are we going to store and use your personal info?

We, or 3rd party information processors working on our behalf, can amass, utilize and store personal info listed previously for the subsequent reasons:

(a) in order to give you the info and services you have asked for via our company;

(b) for advertising, publicising as well as promotional objectives;

(c) to inform you regarding service changes as well as keep you advised regarding our costs, fees, or updates to orders;

(d) to make contact with you via information om our services and products that you either asked for or that we think you would be interested in;

(e) via only through your permission, to reveal your personal info to meticulously selected 3rd parties, so they can contact you via info on services and products that you might be interested in.

Release of personal info.

We can share clients’ personal info through any business which belongs to our group, that could apply to our affiliates as well as its holdings, and any 3rd-party tools and resolutions (i.e. Jotform, Gmail, Airtable, orTelegram,) as well as our associates. Any 3rd parties that we share your personal info with are restricted (via law as well as contract) in their capacity to utilize your personal info for any reason other than for providing us services. We’ll always guarantee any 3d parties by which we share your personal info are subject to security as well as security commitments consistent with our privacy policy as well as any relevant laws.

Unless you’ve shown you’re no longer interested after you provide your personal details, we’ll share that personal or order info with chosen 3rd parties, to include:

(a) our sub-contractors and service, to include yet not restricted to card payment as well as direct debit payment processors, technical and support services suppliers along with businesses which help us carry out ID and fraud checks;

(b) Businesses which help us with our promotions, marketing and advertising endeavors;

(c) search engine and analytics providers which help us improve and optimize our website;

(d) representatives of any of the marketing groups we are part of.

Client rights

The Act affords you specific rights regarding personal info we  hold on you. You can contact us via email ([email protected]) any time you wish, to ask us to:

(a) update any of your personal info that is outdated or wrong; or

(b) give you copies of any of your personal info we have, subject to a charge stipulated by law.

You’ve got a right to request we don’t handle your personal info for advertising purposes. We’ll notify you (prior to storing your personal info) should we plan to make use of your personal info for those reasons. You may exert your right to stop this via checking specific boxes listed on our forms used to accumulate your personal info.  Instead, you may get in touch with us via email ([email protected]) any time you want.

If you’ve formerly provided your consent for us to utilize your personal info for advertising purposes, you may decide to quit getting marketing messages such as we send out occasionally via using the directions to unsubscribe that we place in these messages. Instead, you are able to stop getting these messages whenever you desire via getting in touch with us via our email ([email protected]).

Data Security 

All the info provided by you gets stored on InstagDM’s secure servers. Payment transactions might get done via a 3rd party service provider and gets encrypted via industry standard SSL technology.
InstagDM follows commonly recognized industry standards for protecting all personal info presented to us, during both transmission and after it is received. Though we try at all times to safeguard any personal info provided to our company, sending info online isn’t totally safe. Per se, you accept and agree we can’t promise the safety of your info sent to the Website as week as any similar transmission is done via your own peril. After we get your info, we’ll utilize stringent processes along with firm security elements to avert any unauthorised accesses.

Privacy policy changes

We might update the privacy policy occasionally. If you continue to utilize our website and its services, you are agreeing to the most current edition of the privacy policy. If we make changes to it, we’ll post it via this webpage. Please be sure to check back regularly to find out if any updates or alterations to the privacy policy were made.

Why use InstagDM ?️ 🤔​

We deliver every message inside of 72 hours. We have packages to fit daily, weekly or monthly needs.

Instantaneous outcomes

Our clients get results inside of two to 72 hours. This is the quickest and ROI-propelled technique on Instagram for obtaining results.

100% secure

Our service is totally in compliance with Instagram and its use is totally secure. Absolutely never any automation.

No need for passwords

We don’t require access to Instagram passwords. We transmit direct messages via our accounts on your to support your company.

VIP backing

We continuously assist our clients as well as deliver support 24/7. We are always available to create long range relationships.

No headaches

Merely contact us, explain your targeting goals, your message wording and we’ll do everything else.

Real Case

Influencer x Skincare Brand​

We assisted them in kickstarting their skincare assortment via the strength of an influencer campaign and marketed her Instagram posts to the brand’s targeted audience.

  • Overall DMs dispatched: 320,000

  • Outcomes: 2,268 clicks on the website; $4,801 in transactions (ROI = 2.94x) influencers; 521 brand-new followers; $3197.36 in transactions (ROI = 3.67x) audience

  • Total outcomes in 24 to 72 hours